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Implant Retained / Supported Denture

Most complaints in patients who have dentures is that they don’t fit and move or cause sore spots. In order to help temporarily stop the movement, patients will sometimes use denture adhesive materials or go through a series of re-lines with their dentist. The reason dentures don’t fit is because over time the bone underlying the denture atrophies or shrinks. Most patients need new dentures every 5-10 years for this reason. Techniques have been developed to help retain or keep the denture in the mouth and improve function and stability. This can be achieved with the placement of dental implants.

Connections are placed on the implants that either the denture “snaps” on or off, or the denture is permanently placed in the mouth without needing removal. Anywhere from 2-4 implants can achieve retention of the denture and anywhere from 4-6 implants can achieve support of the denture. This technique is also known as the “All-On-4-Implant Supported Denture”.

Implants help preserve the bone from atrophy and extend the longevity of the denture so that it does not have to be replaced as often. They minimize wrinkles around the mouth, greatly improve the ability to chew the foods you want and give you the confidence in knowing that your dentures are secure and comfortable. Our Periodontists are Diplomates of the American Board of Periodontology and dental implant surgery. We are the only Board Certified Periodontal group in Kansas City. Our Periodontists have been placing Implants in Kansas City to retain and support dentures for over 25 years.

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