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Our board certified specialists and our amazing team continues to provided periodontal and implant services with excellence and care.
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Periodontists Dr. Daniel Thomas, Dr. Jonathan Thomas, Dr. Sara Linstadt, and Dr. Melissa Combs provide periodontal services and dental implants to the Gladstone, North Kansas City, Riverside, Parkville, Platte City, Liberty, Leavenworth, Excelsior Springs, and St. Joseph communities. At Periodontal Specialists, P.A., we care deeply for our patients offering the finest care including: scaling and root planing, osseous surgery, ridge preservation/augmentation, crown lengthening, gum grafting, frenectomies, sinus lifts, and dental implant procedures. Come stop by and let our Board Certified periodontists get you smiling again!

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When do you need dental implants?

1) When you Have a Caved-in Look in Facial Expression
Using dentures will give you a caved-in face. It is mainly due to loss of bone as dentures simply do not act as a stimulus for bone growth. In contrast, a titanium-made dental implant gets placed in the jawbone socket and stimulates jaw bone growth. Get in touch with our Kansas City dental expert today.

2) When you have Loose Denture Fittings
An annoying issue one will have to face while having a denture is that it clicks, and sometimes slips while you are having a conversation. One of the biggest reliefs you get while having a dental implant is that you tend to forget that you have one in your mouth. Result: You become yourself.

3) When you have Broken Teeth
Your dentist tells you that your teeth are broken beyond repair and cannot be restored even using some advanced dentistry techniques. A dental implant is your safe bet in such a situation. It will appear just like your original teeth.

4) When Chewing Becomes a Fight
Dental problems can take many forms. Cavities, teeth grinding, tooth sensitivity, tooth erosion are a few. When your dentist’s efforts to correct these issues fail to yield the desired results, even chewing becomes a mission. You may have to consider dental implants in such a case.

Why are we the best to do dental implants in Kansas City?

1) High Success Rate:
When done by a dental specialist like us, the success rate of dental implant procedures is high. In general, these implants have a success rate of up to 94%. Those who are in good health have better prospects for successful implants.

2) Reliable Implants:
Our non-toxic and titanium-made dental implants are made to last long, provided that it is maintained properly. Our implants are biocompatible and gel well with the jawbone. Hence, your body doesn’t dispose of it but adopts it.

3) Our Implants Makes it Easier to Eat:
With our dental implants, you don’t have to be cautious while eating. You can crunch, munch, and gobble the food as our implants are akin to your teeth. The bite force you can enjoy by having our implants is also impressive.

4) Guard your Healthy Teeth With an Implant
One of the downsides of having a dental bridge is the cutting of the parts of healthy adjacent teeth. However, it is not the case with dental implants. It’s tailor-made and therefore leaves no room for damage to healthy teeth.

5) Digital Technology
Our Kansas City dental experts use 3D CT scans coupled with special software that empowers our dentists to get a 3D image of your jawbone. It helps them finish the job in precision. Using contemporary digital technology, our dentists bypass the mess of conventional methods.

6) No More Waiting
Advanced technology translates into quicker dentistry. Forget about visiting us multiple times as our modern machines make the procedures fast yet precise. Be it creating custom teeth set or dental implanting; you can do it in just one visit.

7) Budget-friendly
Having all the required technology in one place helps our patients save considerable money. We provide both surgical and restorative services in one place, and we don’t refer our patients to another office. It quickens the procedures every patient has to undergo and saves their money.

8) No Temporaries
Our Kansas City dentists design and come up with a long-lasting tooth. It is proven that a permanent tooth is healthier than a temporary one. The best part is that the design and building of a permanent tooth can be done in just one visit.Advantages of Having Dental Implants

1) Looks Natural:
The sole difference between a dental implant and real teeth is that the former is not a real one. Put together side by side; it’s a tough job for one to differentiate between the two. Dental implants are meticulously curated depending on one’s need so that it looks, feels, and fits exactly like real teeth.

2) Fix the Missing Teeth:
Missing your teeth and the glittering smile it produced? A dental implant is a perfect option to bring back that charm. A dental implant will effortlessly blend well with your natural smile since it is tailor-made for every individual. It can perfectly fill the void left by your missing teeth.

3) Fix the Infected Teeth:
Imagine a situation where your dentist tells you that an infected tooth has to be extracted. In such a situation, the dental implant comes to the rescue. You can get back to those good old munching and crunching days by fixing the issue with a dental implant.

4) A Good Smile Can Boost Your Confidence:
Unlike dentures or artificial teeth set, dental implants do not slip or make those clicky noises when you are having a conversation. Dental implants are more secure in your mouth. Hence, you can eat/laugh without worrying about its position.

5) Protect Your Facial Bones:
The real issue one will face after losing teeth is jawbone loss/deterioration. With missing teeth, the stimulation your jaw had been getting is now gone. A dental implant is a great option that will help stimulate bone growth.

6) Prevents Changes to Your Facial Structure:
Your teeth arrangement is one of the factors that decide the look of your facial structure. Losing a few teeth will change the look of your face. In most cases, one will look older after losing teeth. Dental implants can bail you out of this issue.

7) Supports Other Teeth:
The void formed by the missing teeth can have a cascading effect. Shifting of adjacent teeth is inevitable. When that happens, the improper bite will follow. In turn, It will bring in issues such as headache, the unnatural wearing of teeth, muscle pain, and other oral issues.

8) Lifetime Solution:
The lifetime of a denture or artificial teeth set is limited. In most cases, the structure must be replaced once every ten years. Whereas a dental implant can last for a lifetime as it is made of titanium. It’s non-toxic means that your body embraces it easily.

9) Prevents Gum Disease:
A gap formed due to a missing tooth will accumulate food and will serve as a hotbed for bacteria. It will invariably lead to tooth decay. With a dental implant, you can bypass this issue. Get in touch with us to know more, choose your convenient location.

What are the types of Dental Implants we offer in Kansas City?

1) Endosteal
Endosteal is the most commonly used type of implant for two-stage implant procedures. Endosteal is usually placed in the jaw bone. It is a primary alternative to conventional dentures and has a few types -- screw, cylindrical, and bladed.

2) Subperiosteal
Dentists opt for this metal frame type implant when a patient’s jawbone is unhealthy. It is generally fixed under the gum. Even as the gums heal, the structure becomes one with the jawbone.

3) Single-stage dental implant
The abutment is a connecting element with a healing nature that attaches the implant into the mouth. Once fixed, it takes 3 to 6 months for the next step. Placing the crown, aka tooth on the implant fulfills the single-stage dental implant. Dentists recommend this method when the bone quality is good.

4) Two-stage dental implants
Surgery is compulsory in this method as the dental implant has to be placed into the jawbone. The structure won’t protrude into your mouth as the gum tissues cover them. It will stay buried until the healing process ends. The next step is the fixing of the connecting element to place the crown. This method is suitable for those who have poorer bone quality.

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