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Deep Cleaning of Teeth
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Uncovery of Unerupted Teeth
Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Deep Cleaning of Teeth

Between our teeth and gums there is a naturally occurring sulcus or space. Normal probing depths range from 1-3 mm. If your dentist or hygienist tells you that you have “deep pockets”, they are referring to the space being greater than 3 mm. If this is the case, the first recommended treatment is scaling and root planing, what most patients know as a “deep cleaning”.

The procedure is normally done in two visits in order to clean half of the mouth at a time. Typically, a patient is anesthetized with nitrous oxide and local anesthetic. Deeper sedation can be provided at the patient’s request. Patients need to be numb so that the Periodontist or hygienist can access the deeper areas along the root surface of the teeth in order to clean and smooth the affected root surfaces. Medication is placed into the pockets to provide disinfection of the root surface and gum tissue.

Oral hygiene instructions, such as proper brushing and floss along with other adjunctive aids, will be reviewed by your Periodontist or hygienist in order to help you be the most effective in keeping your teeth clean and bacteria levels low while at home.

In 4-6 weeks, the patient will be seen again to evaluate the healing and prognosis of their teeth and gums. Further treatment may be recommended depending on the patient’s oral hygiene and the depths of their pockets after healing by one of our Periodontists, Drs. Thomas, Combs, Linstadt & Thomas.

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From the moment you step inside our practice your comfort is our number one priority.

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