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Learn more about the importance of periodontal dentistry and dental implants.

Why Would You Need to See a Periodontist?

When most patients think about going to see a dentist, they think about seeing a general dentist who can perform a broad range of procedures. However, beyond general dentistry, there are specializations that allow for different types of specific treatment. One such specialization is periodontology. What does a periodontist do, and why might you need to visit one?

What Is Periodontology?
Periodontology focuses on the health of your gums, the bones inside of your mouth and supporting your mouth, and gum disease. Unlike visiting a general dentist, which might be done throughout your life, periodontists are generally visited when your dentist notices a problem, or you need to have a surgical procedure, or you have concerns about your gums. A periodontist in Kansas City can help you with a broad range of gum and bone issues.

What Does a Periodontist Do?
Periodontists perform a variety of assessments and procedures designed to help every patient achieve optimal oral health. Some of the different treatments that a periodontist may perform include:

Deep cleanings, which are designed to get rid of plaque and debris that is beyond what would be removed during regular cleaning, and which cannot be removed on your own at home

Dental implants, which are a type of tooth replacement that is anchored in your jaw and that may require bone grafting for success

Dentures, which are another option for teeth replacement

Wisdom tooth extraction, including cases that are challenging or that involved impacted wisdom teeth that are sitting beneath the surface of your gums

Pocket reduction, which is a procedure sometimes recommended to those with severe gum disease who have such deep pockets that it is challenging to properly clean their teeth and gums on their own

Gum grafts that can reverse some of the damage done by your periodontal disease through a graft of additional gum tissue

Frenectomy, which is a procedure designed to eliminate the discomfort that can be a result of a frenulum that is lower than normal or in an uncomfortable place

Crown lengthening, which can improve the appearance of your smile by reducing the ‘gumminess’ of it

Scaling and root planing, which is a non-surgical way to get rid of tartar and plaque that is sitting beneath your gum line

And more!

Why Would a Patient Visit a Periodontist?

Some of the signs that you should visit a periodontist include:

Gums that feel swollen or puffy
Gums that are red instead of the pale pink shade that is associated with healthy gums
Gums that bleed regularly or easily if you are eating, brushing, or flossing
Gums that are so tender you do not like to touch them
Persistent bad breath that is not treated through conventional meansTrouble chewing
Gum recession
Any other challenges relating to your gums or gum disease

When you visit the periodontist, you’ll be able to express your concerns and explain any of the symptoms that you have been noticing. They will perform a comprehensive exam designed to detect any problems. They will also make specific recommendations for treatment to make sure that your smile is as healthy as possible. Over 50% of adults over the age of 30 have some level of gum disease, so millions of other adults are also seeking treatment. We are here to help you feel as great as you can.

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